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IMDEA Energy gathers cutting edge skills and significant experience in R&D, testing and assessment of energy technologies. IMDEA Energy offers these services to private companies, universities and research and technological centers at both national and international levels.

  • Simulation and process feasibility studies. Thermodynamic analysis, energy and exergy balance. Socio and techno-economic and sustainability studies.
  • Management and life cycle analysis. Studies of LCA, LCA+DEA, LCC, “emergy” and support of environmental declarations applied to products, processes and carbon footprinting.
  • Synthesis and characterisation of advanced materials. Catalysts, materials for high temperature and energy storage, nanoparticles prepared by sol-gel, coating of electrodes and electrochemical cells.
  • Proactive management of power networks and electric power conversion. Design and control of power electronics interfaces. Static and dynamic modelling of power networks and microgrids. Real-time control systems.
  • Opto-mechanical and thermal engineering. Concentrating solar systems and technologies. Numerical and experimental characterization under high densities of solar radiation and / or high temperatures.
  • Technology watch and foresight on renewable energy and energy technologies.
  • Software tools:
    • Chemical process analysis and optimization: Aspen Plus.
    • Biochemical process simulation: SuperPro Designer.
    • Simulation of thermodynamic cycles and thermal plants: EBSILON Professional.
    • Dynamic simulation of solar thermal power plants: STEC/TRNSYS.
    • Life cycle assessment, LCA, and carbon footprinting: Simapro 7.2 Professional.
    • Sustainability analysis: GaBi Professional and DEA-Solver Pro.
    • Energy planning and thermal fluid dynamics: LEAP.
    • Process simulation and data analysis: Matlab-Simulink.
    • Simulation of power electronics circuits: PLECS.
    • Data acquisition, process control and calorimetric loops: LabVIEW.
    • 3D computer-aided design: SolidWorks and KUDO 3D.
    • CFD analysis: COMSOL Multiphysics.
    • Ray tracing: TracePro.
    • Power systems: IPSA and PowerWorld.
    • Computational chemistry: Chemcraft, Gaussian and Vasp.