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ADECAR: Application of capacitive deionization to wastewater treatment

Research project with reference: IPT-2011-1450-310000, coordinated by the company Isolux Ingeniería, S.A., corresponding to the call 2011, for the Sub-program INNPACTO within the Instrumental line of Articulation and Internationalization System, under the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Innovation 2008-2011.

The purpose of the project is to develop capacitive deionization technology application to the regeneration of urban and industrial wastewater, freshwater and brackish, to efficiently remove nutrients - which can be considered macro-contaminants-dissolved, in particular ionic species containing nitrogen and phosphorus also sulfates, boron, lithium and arsenic.

This technology of water purification is a technology and sustainable alternative to the usual treatments purification (reverse osmosis) because it is a process that consumes less energy, emits less greenhouse gases and has greater compactness, reducing space requirements, an aspect that is particularly important in coastal areas by land value.

Partners: Isolux Ingeniería, S.A. (Coordinator); IMDEA Energy Institute; Nanoquimia, S.L.; Proingesa; University of Cordoba 
Funding Institution/Program: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness/Subprogram INNPACTO 2011
Period: September 2011-December 2014
Principal researcher: Jesús Palma

Ministerio Ciencia Innovacion