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Energy efficiency in systems for vibration testing

Contract with Japanese company IMV Corporation, to improve energy efficiency in systems for vibration testing through detail investigation of test conditions and system parameters.

Vibrations which undergo many materials like the wings of an airplane, cars, or buildings exposed to possible earthquakes, produce several wear. To avoid this during the design stage and qualification of these materials and components are made complex vibration tests (Vibration testing) using vibration systems commonly called "shakers".

The main problem of existing vibration systems is their high energy consumption caused by large energy losses resulting from mechanical and electrical operation and cooling systems used to control its temperature. Therefore, it becomes necessary to change the current vibration system that improves energy efficiency getting fit energy expenditure to each type of vibration test depending on the material and the type of vibration which will be subjected.

Researchers at IMDEA Energía, with this development, propose to incorporate a new technology of intelligent system management. Through the use of computer networks to distribute information, check levels of electric current applied to vibration systems, managing the energy required in each case, reducing consumption and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions

Partners: IMV Corporation; IMDEA Energy Institute 
Funding Institution: IMV Corporation
Period: December 2010-March 2018
Principal researcher: Dr. Milan Prodanovic