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FOTOFUEL: New challenges in the production of solar fuels

Research project corresponding to the call 2014 and reference: ENE2014-52280-REDT, within the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation Oriented Challenges of the Society under the National Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2013-2016.

FOTOFUEL goal is to reach a significant advance in the development of materials and devices for the efficient production of solar fuels by seeking synergies and cooperation between leading research groups in this field while offering them an international outreach platform.

The proposal is based on scientific collaboration and joint implementation of a work program based on cutting-edge research, information, dissemination and communication and technology transfer.

The scientific program consists of five major areas:

  1. Design and synthesis of advanced multifunctional materials
  2.  Development of theoretical and experimental tools
  3.  Design and manufacture of efficient photoreactors
  4.  Feasibility and standardization of the process
  5.  Studies of scientific, environmental, economic and social impact

The cooperation network actions are summarized as:

  1.  Training Program
  2.  Active results and activities dissemination policy
  3.  Quantitative and qualitative improvement of human capital
  4.  Collaboration with international platforms and industrial groups
  5. Encourage collaboration with companies

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute (Coordinator); ICP-CSIC; ICIQ; UPV-CSIC; IMDEA Materials Institute; ALBA-CELLS; University of Barcelona; Universitat Jaume I de Castello; Plataforma Solar de Almería; MATGAS
Funding Institution/Program: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness / Acciones de dinamización “Redes de excelencia”
Period: December 2014-November 2016
Principal Researcher: Victor de la Peña-O'Shea

Ministerio Economia Competitividad