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SOLGEMAC: Modular, Efficient and Dispatchable High Flux Solar Thermal Power Systems

Program of R&D activities between research groups of “Comunidad de Madrid”, co-funded with the European Social Fund, coordinated by Dr. Manuel Romero.

The aim of the current R+D program is to establish the scientific and technological background which allow to develop new systems of thermal and chemical utilization of concentrated solar energy in a more efficient, dispatchable and modular way. To achieve this, the research is focused in the assessment of technological options which allow the development of a future generation of solar thermal power plants and systems allowing the use of new thermodynamic cycles and more efficient thermal machines and to chemically endothermic processes at high temperature. Modular designs are addressing dish-Stirling systems and multi-tower solar systems with heliostat fields coupled to microturbines suitable for implementation in urban areas. Higher efficiencies are obtained through solar volumetric and particle directly illuminated receivers and reactors able to operate at ultra high fluxes and temperatures. Power management will be improved by developing thermochemical and electrochemical storage systems. Finally the integration of the new concepts (solar concentrators, receivers and storage systems) will be analyzed and a comparative assessment will be performed.

Partners: IMDEA Energy (Coordinator); INTA; Rey Juan Carlos University; Autonoma University of Madrid; CIEMAT; Hynergreen Technologies, S.A.; Torresol Energy
Funding Institution/Program:Comunidad de Madrid/Program of R&D activities between research groups in Technology
Period: January 2010-December 2013
Principal Researcher: Manuel Romero