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STOREHEAT: New materials for sorption-based thermal energy storage

Large-scale utilization of solar thermal energy or waste heat in buildings for heating and cooling applications would have a huge impact on the European energy supply, but the development of full potential of these applications is not possible without effective thermal energy storage systems that would provide an optimum tuning between energy delivery and request. Up to now there is no mature long term heat storage system yet, because of the lack of proper storage material. Our project is aimed to a collaborative design and synthesis of new innovative materials optimized for long-term storage of solar or waste heat, scaling up of their fabrication for further commercialization and their testing in storage systems, which would have a tremendous impact on renewable heat markets and on the efficiency of the existing heating/cooling technologies. The proposed materials are hydrophilic microporous phosphates and metal-carboxylates in configurations for optimum heat and water vapor transport. These materials will be safe, non-toxic and they will have low to moderate costs, which are preconditions for successful large-scale applications.

Partners: National Institute of Chemistry (Coordinator); IMDEA Energy Institute; Silkem d.o.o
Funding Institution/Program: MATERA-ERANET-Call 2010 
Period: May 2011-December 2014
Principal researcher: David Serrano