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SuReTool: Checking the actual sustainability of renewables. Developing of new tools

Mobility Project awarded through the call ABEL‐CM‐2014A of the NILS Science and Sustainability Programme

In its fight against climate change, the EU is committed to reducing GHG emissions by 80-95%. Renewables (RES) have to play a key role in this decarbonisation journey. The share of renewable energy rises substantially in all scenarios foreseen by the EC, achieving at least 55% in gross final energy consumption in 2050. So, it is crucial to ensure their sustainability, including environmental, social and economic aspects. SuReTool project aims to develop a methodology with a life cycle approach to check the actual RES sustainability according to economic, social, and environmental aspects. The main outcomes of the project will be the development of environmental and social indicators to check RES sustainability that will be integrated into a decision-tool to help policymakers to adopt the best alternative. IMDEA Energy and IFE are complementary to reach this goal; the former has a large background in life cycle assessments while IFE is specialist on energy modelling.

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute (IMDEA) (Coordinator); Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) 
Funding Institution/Program: Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism/ NILS Science and Sustainability Programme (ES07 EEA Grants). Coordinated Mobility of Researchers. Call identifier: ABEL‐CM‐2014A. Operated by Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Period: July 2014-November 2015
Principal researcher: Javier Dufour (javier.dufour@imdea.org)

Research stay of Dr. Javier Dufour at IFE (Norway)

Research stay of Dr. Diego García at IMDEA Energy (Spain)

Visit of Dr. Javier Dufour and Dr. Diego Iribarren at IFE (Norway)

Visiting researcher Kari Aa. Espegren (IFE) in IMDEA Energy

Research stay of Mario Martín at IFE (Norway)

Research stay de Dr. Diego Garcia at IFE (Norway)