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Visualising the smart home: creative engagement with customer data

Contract with the company E.ON AG, framed by the International Research Initiative 2012.

This research project will make a contribution towards developing user-oriented Smart Home services.

The main objective of the project is to assist the customers to actively participate in customising their energy requirements. The focus is on using large-scale data visualisation techniques to understand patterns of energy consumption and the context within which they occur, and to communicate this understanding to consumers in such a way that they become engaged enough to adopt and embrace Smart Home technologies. The research outputs will be integrated through creative workshops, where results of research will be used to develop initial products and services for the identified user profiles. This output will have significant benefit to energy providers as it will give a unique and comprehensive insight into the design of Smart Home services based on data visualisation and optimisation of resources.

This project will be delivered by research teams at IMDEA Energía, Spain and City University London, UK.

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute (Coordinator); City University London
Funding Institution/Program: E.ON AG/Announcement: “Smart Home a new customer relationship with energy”. E.ON International Research Initiative 2012
Period: May 2012-February 2013
Principal researcher: Milan Prodanovic