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Technological resources

Pilot plants

7 and 42 kW High-flux solar simulators
Simulation of concentrating solar energy environments. Surface treat- ment and synthesis of materials. Solar receivers and reactors. Solar thermochemistry. Thermal fluids.

Smart Energy Integration Lab SEIL
Real-time emulation of AC and DC power networks and microgrids. Development of energy resources management systems. Stability analysis, power quality and control strategies for microgrids and power electronics converters. Integration of renewable sources and storage systems.

Electrochemical Devices Test Lab EDTL
Test Protocols in DC and AC. Simulation of demand cycles in powers from 30 W to 30 kW under controlled temperature and humidity.

Pilot plants for production and conversion of biomass
Open and closed photobioreactors of versatile and flexible confi- guration.
Thermal or catalytic pyrolysis on fluidised bed reactors and hydrodeoxygenation fixed bed reactor, coupled to systems of product analysis.

Concentrating solar field

  • Very high concentration solar tower VCHST/ACES..
  • Design thermal power, 250 kW.
  • Peak flux up to 4000 kW/m2.
  • 169 heliostats, 3 m2 each.
  • 2 test platforms.

Instrumental techniques

  • Chemical characterisation: mass spectrometry, gas/mass chromatography, NOx analysis by chemiluminescence, GC-MS coupled pyrolysis (Py-GC-MS), elemental analysis ICP-OES and CHONS, oxidative decomposition analysis (AOD) and ion chroma- tography.
  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TG-DTA) in an oxidising (air), inert (Ar) or reductive (10% H2/Ar) atmosphere.
  • Properties of solids: textural and chemisorption.
  • X-ray diffraction: with structural PDF analysis and controlled atmosphere chamber up to 900 °C and 10 bar. Single crystal diffraction.
  • Spectroscopy: IR (DRIFT, ATR and VEEMAX), UV-vis-NIR, Raman and Fluorescence.
  • Thermal Diffusivity.
  • Microscopy: Atomic force, SEM scanning electron and optical.
  • Biotechnological characterisation: GC and HPLC equipped with different columns and detectors (IR, MS, UVVIS, HPAEC-PAD). Electrophoresis instrumentation for recombinant DNA technology, protein purification and analysis.
  • High pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (NAP-XPS).
  • Kinetic photophysical studies, Transient absorption spectrosco- py and photoluminescence..


  • Smart Energy Integration Lab, SEIL
  • X-ray diffraction laboratory
  • Electrochemical Devices Testing Lab, EDTL
  • Photosynthetic Microorganisms Lab, PMLab
  • Pyrolysis & HydroDeOxygenation (HDO) pilot plant
  • High-Flux Solar Simulator KIRAN-42